Rome 2 Total War – News


Rome 2 Total War Release


The latest game in the Total War series, Rome 2 Total War is going to be released this September 2013. The game is already available for pre-order on Steam for £29.99 ($45). This game is the sequel to Rome Total War, which was the Total War series’ first release.

Rome 2 Total War News


The most recent Rome 2 update from the Total War team is the release of an online Rome 2 Total War interactive campaign map. This map gives users to ability to plan their Rome 2 campaign in advance. The Rome 2 Total War map itself is pictured below. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what the game will be like, but we’ll include a description underneath.

Rome 2 Total War Campaign Map


The Rome 2 Total War interactive campaign map is essentially a map of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Territories are marked in as they would have appeared during the beginning of Roman expansion. Regions belonging to the main playable factions in Rome 2 are highlighted, as are those of other available factions (playable via updates or expansion packs). By exploring the Rome 2 interactive map you can discover who the factions are, what relations they have with other factions, what their available resources are and which mercenaries they can recruit. You can also plan a campaign by choosinging a faction which you would like to play, selecting regions which you envision conquering and anticipating other factions’ reactions to your territorial expansion.

You can find the Rome 2 Total War interactive campaign map here.

Our Favourite Total War Game – Napoleon Total War


Our favourite total war game has to be Napoleon Total War, a must-have game for any fans or readers of War and Peace. Conquering Europe to the sound of thunderous fire from cannon batteries or holding the line under the Union Flag as you hold back Napoleon’s armies, everything about the game is true to Napoleonic period warfare. It is a game filled with excitement and history that will test any Total War gamer’s tactical abilities.

Joe Malpas

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