Top 10 Best Martial Arts Films – Reviews and Videos

Bruce lee

10. Kagemusha

A samurai film with an emotional plot. A nobody is hired as a double for one of the most powerful samurai warlords in Japan, Takeda Shingen. However, when Takeda dies, how long will it take before his enemies and allies figure out the double’s true identity?

9. Red Cliff

This is a must-see martial arts film for anyone with an interest in China’s Three Kingdom’s period or fans of the Dynasty Warriors series. The armies of Xu and Wu desperately try to hold back Cao Cao’s imperial army and navy. Battles on epic scales and engrossing characters.

8. Kill Bill: Vol. 2

The sequel to Kill Bill: Vol. 1, this is a fine example of how well the genre of martial arts films mixes with revenge-based scripts. But does the sequel ever live up to the standards of its predecessor? In this case, probably not. But here’s a video of how to stop a heart with one hand!

7. Kill Bill: Vol. 1

This film beats its sequel by quite a margin. One of the modern martial arts film greats, Uma Thurman is more than just eye-candy, wielding a katana like a pro. Here’s the famous scene where she takes down 88 bad guys in a fight.

6. Ip Man 2

Another sequel which very nearly holds its own with the original Ip Man. This martial arts epic only missed out on being in the top 3 due to the number of near-perfect movies clamouring for the top spot.

5. House of Flying Daggers

The House of Flying Daggers film is one of the best choreographed movies we’ve seen. Stunning scenery and breathtaking fight scenes ensure that it has earned this spot at Number 5 on the Top 10 list. To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, here’s our pic of best clip.

4. Hero

Number 4, for an awe inspiring combination of fantastic scenery and dynamic fights, all woven into an incredible plot, check out Hero. Here is the final scene, which was just too good to leave out!

3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Another oldie, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a must-see for martial arts films enthusiasts. Memorable scenes involving running up walls (in a more-believable-than-The-Matrix) kind of way and through treetops combined with a riveting plot secure this old-time favourite a spot at Number 3. Watch the video below for some really fast-paced action showing what a girl can really do with a sword (couldn’t keep up eh, Kill Bill?).

2. Ip Man

Number 2 and the first Ip Man film, the story still gets me. A tale of China under Japanese occupation and one man’s fight against oppression. Ip Man moves hands and feet faster than the human eye can follow in this hit epic martial arts film. Otherwise, I’ll let the following video speak for itself.

1. Fist of Fury

The best out of all martial arts films. Bruce Lee plays the part of a young man looking to take revenge on his sensei’s murderers in this 1970s film. The best scene in the film is the final segment when Bruce Lee forces his way through his enemy’s compound with a storm of kicks, punches and blocks.

What’s your Top 10? Leave a comment below letting us know your opinions šŸ™‚

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