Top 3 Recent Game Releases


A good year

This year is, in our opinion, one of the best for video game releases. There are three major game releases which have caught our attention. Find reviews, news and videos below.

1. Rome Total War 2 Video Game

We’ve posted a lot of articles about the Rome Total War 2 release. Find them here, here and here. But we have been trying to write about other topics in between the game articles.

Why are we so excited about Rome Total War 2 the game? Some of us might say that Total War is our favourite video game series. And Creative Assembly may be our favourite game designer. But there is certainly more to it than simple gamer’s bias. Total War is one of those game series which love to improve on their past games. Rome Total War 2 is going to bring plenty of previously unseen features. These will be completely new to the Total War series.

If you would like an example of Rome Total War 2’s pioneering features, check out the below video. The video is from Gamespot‘s Youtube account. If you skip ahead to 04:45 you will see a battle involving both land and naval units. This combination of sea and land units in a battle has never been done before in a Total War game. Now do you see why we are so excited?

War games are better with elephants.

2. Saints Row IV Video Game

This is another long-running game series. The Saints Row series began in relative anonymity. The first two games could not have beaten Grand Theft Auto in a popularity contest. But the game developer Volition has found a great niche for the Saints Row game series. From games 2 to 4, the series has become increasingly insane. It all began with gangsters. Then it became about futuristic gangsters. And now, Saints Row IV will be a game all about a futuristic gangster president who fights aliens in a virtual Matrix-like world.

More Saints Row IV articles: Saints Row IV Review, Negau’s Top 3 Open World Video Games

3. Grand Theft Auto V Video Game

This game also featured in our Top 3 Open World Video Games article which an be found here. In fact we published an entire article dedicated to GTA V news and review, click this link to read. Rather than repeat ourselves, we will just give you an awesome video to watch. Enjoy!

If cars are what makes a game for you, there is a video below for you. Who else finds it kind of disturbing?

All comments welcome!

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