Martial Arts Videos: Karate Basics 1-4

So you want to learn how to throw punches and kicks like the Karate Kid? You had better start off by learning the basics. This list of martial arts videos will give you some essential moves to learn. If you master these techniques, I will follow up with another karate article soon.

One martial artist kicks another during a tournament fight

Don’t try this move near anything with sharp edges

1. Karate Punch

The basic karate punch is very simple. Extend your arm straight out in front of you with a closed fist. I was surprised to see all of the negative comments under this Youtube video. The basic karate punch teaches you some invaluable skills. Firstly, keep your hand, wrist and forearm aligned. If you do not do this you will injure your wrist. Secondly, keep your thumb on the outside of your fist. It should curl over the ends of your fingers. This prevents you from breaking your thumb when you punch.

Top tip: twist your hips as you punch for extra power.

2. Karate Front Kick

Again, very simple. Extend your leg in front of you with your toes pointing upwards. Imagine you are pushing something away with the bottom of your foot. Make sure that you pull your leg back quickly after kicking. This will prevent an opponent from grabbing hold of it. Remember, kicks are slower than punches.

Top tip: bring one knee up slowly, then kick with the other. This will trick your opponent into thinking you are about to kick with the alternate leg.

3. Karate Block

Now lets look at things from the other side. You are about to be kicked or punched, what do you do? The best and most obvious solution is to block the strike.

Top tip: try to punch or kick back as soon as you have blocked.

4. Karate Leg Sweep

Here is another good thing to do after blocking. Sweep your opponent’s leg away. The video below shows you how to do this. It will unbalance your opponent and this will make them more vulnerable.

Top tip: quickly move your hand towards an opponent’s face before throwing. This will distract them as they try to defend their head.

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