Percy Jackson Series Review

Percy Jackson series books covers

Percy Jackson and The Olympians

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I did not want to read the Percy Jackson books. I would not even say that I went out of my way to see the Percy Jackson films. It just so happened that other people were going and I tagged along. What did I think of the films? They were nothing special, but more of that later.

Why did I start reading the books if the films weren’t amazing? I am interested in ancient history and the Ancient Greeks. That interest comes with an enjoyment of Greek mythology. That is how I started reading Percy Jackson. And once I started, I was hooked.

What Is The Percy Jackson Series About?

The Percy Jackson books are works of fiction. They might fall into the category of fantasy fiction, or even historical fiction. Why historical fiction? They are based on Greek mythology and revolve around the adventures of demigods. Most of the characters are teenagers or young adults. Teenage and young adult life therefore play a big part in the narrative.

Who Is Percy Jackson?

Percy is the main character in the Percy Jackson series. He is the son of one of the Big Three gods of Olympus. His character had a troubled childhood, being expelled from schools on a yearly basis. Percy Jackson was raised by his mother but had never met his father. He is in many ways a typical teenage boy living in America. But there are also aspects of his character which make him extraordinary.

Where Are The Percy Jackson Books Set?

The Percy Jackson series is set in America. The specific location does change during the course of the narrative. One of the most prominent locations is Camp Half Blood. This is the place where young demigods live and go through training. It is essentially a Summer camp for gods’ children. Locations in Ancient Greece and other areas outside America are also referred to.

Why Is The Percy Jackson Series Good?

Percy Jackson is a gripping series of books because it is dynamic. I have already mentioned that the narrative takes place in many locations. New characters are also introduced in each book. The books themselves are unique and build upon the plot of previous Percy Jackson novels. The series also draws on some of the most powerful stories in literature, Greek mythology. These ancient and well-known stories are at the heart of the Percy Jackson adventures.

The Percy Jackson Films

Compared with the book series, the Percy Jackson films were disappointing. The first film was The Lightning Thief. This felt like one of those films which tries to cram as much of a series into one script as possible. Similar to the Series of Unfortunate Events film. I am guessing that they were not expecting to release another Percy Jackson film. The second did do better than the first. But those elements which made the books great just weren’t in the film.

Below are the trailers to the Percy Jackson films.

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson and The Sea Of Monsters

Where Can You Buy The Percy Jackson Series?

Many book stores sell the Percy Jackson books. The series is also available on iBooks and Amazon. You can read Percy Jackson online by following the above links to iBooks or Amazon.


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