Basic Karate Punches

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Ok, the picture above is of boxing rather than karate. But it leads on to a good point. Anyone who has watched the Ip Man film knows that a great martial artist can beat the best boxer. Punch for punch karate has greater variety. Here is a guide to help you learn basic punches. Find basic karate punches videos and top tips below.


The jab punch is the simplest punch. But it is also arguably the most effective. You can test this by sparring with a partner. They can only use jabs and you can only use reverse punches. You will get tired faster and end up taking more hits. Punch straight ahead with the arm above your leading foot.

Top tip: twist your hips for extra power.


For the reverse punch you hit with the arm opposite your leading foot. E.g. if your right foot is forward, punch with your left. This is more powerful than the jab. Keep your arm and wrist aligned to prevent injury.

Top tip: which muscles create a strong punch? Your arms, right? The back muscles are what allows you to throw a hard, fast punch.


Not to be confused with the Haymaker. A hook punch can knock out an opponent. A Haymaker punch will make you look silly. And then you might get knocked out. Bring your arm across your body. Your fist should connect with the opponent’s temple or jaw.

Top tip: speed is power. Punch as fast as you can and your opponent will feel the difference.


The uppercut is the fight ending punch. Swing your fist upwards into the opponent’s chin or jaw. A well executed uppercut will knock out most fighters.

Top tip: hooks and uppercuts are slow punches. The opponent may have time to block or dodge. Soften them up like so: jab, reverse, hook, uppercut.

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What did you think of my punchy sub-headers? Leave a comment below šŸ˜‰


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