Martial Arts Videos: Basic Karate Kicks

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This is a guide to learning how to kick. Below you will find martial arts videos showing you how to do basic karate kicks. There are also descriptions and top tips. You will find these useful as a martial arts beginner or intermediate learner. Many of these kicks are included in other martial arts.

Front Kick

The front kick is also included in another article. Click here for Karate Basics 1-4. This is the most basic karate kick.

Top tip: never kick with your toes. Broken toes do not help in a fight.

Roundhouse Kick

This is a very popular kick in martial arts videos. It is powerful and easy to master. Twist your hips, bring one knee up and snap out your leg. It makes a great sound when hitting a bag or kick shield.

Top tip: twist your hips before you kick. Let the leg spin around to follow your body. This will increase speed and power.

Side Kick

Side kicks can be really useful. Just ask Batman. Batman and Robin, get it? Okay, let’s move past that poor attempt at humour. Twist your hips, raise while bending your leg and kick your heel outwards. You just mastered the basic side kick. The below martial arts video shows how it is done.

Top tip: lean sideways to keep your balance.

Back Kick

The back kick is a risky move in a fight. Why does it not appear in many martial arts videos? It is rare and risky because you have to turn your back on the opponent. That is frowned upon in many martial arts. The below video shows you how.

Top tip: make sure that your opponent is weakened or distracted before kicking. This puts you at less risk during the kick.

Any questions? Comment below and we will answer them 🙂

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