Basic Karate Throws

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Throws are used a lot in Karate. You can use them to topple an opponent. After throwing you can choose to fight them on your feet. In sparring you can grapple once someone has been thrown. Grappling is fighting on the ground.

Leg Throw

A simple throw. You take hold of your opponent by the shoulder or torso. Move one leg across your body so that you are facing away from them. Drag them around you. They should essentially trip over your outstretched leg.

Top tip: hold onto one of their arms after. Then punch them with the other arm.

Shoulder Throw

The beginning of this karate throw is the same as the leg throw. It is different once you turn away from the opponent. Pull their arm over your shoulder. Bend your knees and extend to lift. Lifting with your legs is easier than with your arms. They should almost forward roll over your shoulder.

Top tip: push your hips back as you throw for extra lift.

Hip Throw

Same beginning. Put your arm around your opponent’s waist. Push your hip into their middle. Lift with your legs and throw them up and around your hip. This is more comfortable to use than the shoulder throw.

Top tip: you can move straight into an arm lock. After throwing, hold onto their arm. Legs across chest, either side of arm, bend forearm back towards you.

Leg Sweep

It is not clear whether this is a simple or difficult throw. It takes skill to get it right. But one you have practised it is easy to perform. Use the back of your leg to sweep the opponent’s feet out from under them.

Top tip: the opponent may see this one coming. Strike them or distract them before attempting a leg sweep.

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