Deadpool Game Review

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Activision and High Moon Studios released the Deadpool game this June. It is based around the Marvel character Deadpool. He is a less well known character, so this is an interesting move for game developers to take. Could this mean that more minor Marvel characters will also get their own game?

Released June 2013

Deadpool Trailer

Deadpool Gameplay Trailer

Deadpool Game Platform

Can you play Deadpool on Xbox 360, PS3 or PC? The answer is yes. Deadpool is available on all three of the above game platforms. But will you want to play it?

Deadpool Review

Deadpool the Marvel character is crass. He says what he wants and does not care how he says it. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? It is hard to say. Deadpool gets bored and has a short attention span. So a lot of his decisions are made apparently at random. The plot of the game is awesome, like playing a Marvel comic script. But the gameplay does not quite hold up its end.

Pointless violence in video games is fun. But it takes a lot of work to turn it into great gameplay. Deadpool does not appear to do that.

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