The Raid Review

An image from the martial arts film The Raid


The Raid is a 2011 martial arts film and one of the best recent film releases. There are two things which make this film different. It was directed by a Welshman, Gareth Evans (his IMDB page here). And it was cast and set in Indonesia. This is perhaps the most famous martial arts film to come out of Indonesian cinema. But it has earned its place as an awesome martial arts film. Let us tell you why.

The Raid Cast and Characters

Respect must first be paid to the cast of this martial arts film. The Raid has a lot of great actors in it. And some of them really know their stuff when it comes to action-packed fights. Below is a list of the cast and the characters played by them.

  • Iko Uwais as Rama.
    This rising martial arts star was discovered by director Gareth Evans while he was filming a documentary. His martial arts is great to watch, being strong and lighting fast. His character is an armed policeman in Indonesia, desperately trying to save himself and his comrades from Indonesian gangsters.
  • Joe Taslim as Sergeant Jaka.
    This is a great character and really well played. In The Raid there is a lot of tension between the Sergeant Jaka and Lieutenant Wahyu characters. Joe Taslim really helps to build that tension. He also does some great martial arts, especially in his fight against Mad Dog.
  • Donny Alamsyah as Andi.
    This character adds a big twist to The Raid’s plot. Donny Alamsyah plays his part well and he, Taslim and Ruhian have an awesome martial arts fight scene.
  • Yayan Ruhian as Mad Dog.
    Yayan Ruhian’s character is full of menace and anger. Mad Dog is the boss’ right-hand man. He does some amazing kicks in the martial arts scenes which he appears in. Not a likeable character, but really well acted.
  • Pierre Gruno as Lieutenant Wahyu.
    Another hard to like character. Lieutenant Wahyu has his flaws, and Gruno does very well in making us feel almost embarrassed for this corrupt police officer.
  • Ray Sahetapy as Tama.
    Tama might be the scariest character in the film. He is the gang-leader, drug lord and king of the tower. Sahetapy brings out all the worst in this character until he seems to ooze evil.

The Raid Gun Fight Video

If you want to know what The Raid is all about, check out the below trailer. It shows some awesome gun fights from the film and gives a good idea of the level of intensity. Hint, it is pretty intense.

The Raid Martial Arts Video

Guns are easy though. Martial arts is harder. Watch Iko Uwais take on a corridor full of machete-wielding bad guys. He is pretty awesome right?

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