Rome Total War 2: Leaked Gameplay Videos

A screenshot of leaked Rome Total War 2 footage

News for Rome Total War 2 fans. Videos have been leaked showing previously unseen gameplay footage. These are really exciting previews ahead of Rome 2’s release in only a couple of days. The videos show aspects of Rome Total War 2 gameplay which are not in any of the Creative Assembly‘s official releases.

Rome 2 Field Battles Gameplay

This video shows a few Rome 2 Total War battles. The Final one is the most exciting. It shows a Roman fort being besieged and attacked. It is an awesome bit of footage because you can see some of the defensive options which will be available during siege battles. Caltrops, palisades and other features are used to slow the enemy’s onslaught.

Rome 2 Siege Gameplay

This video shows something quite different to the first. It is a Rome 2 Total War siege in which a fortified town is being attacked by a Roman army. Watch the below footage to see battering rams and ballista attempt to reduce the defenders’ walls. Our favourite part? Around the 1:10 mark the ballista knock down a section of wall. Unlike previous Total War games, the mechanics are very realistic. The wall crumbles in on itself and it is really great to watch.

Rome 2 Campaign Gameplay

This leaked video shows unseen aspects of Rome Total War 2 campaign gameplay. It appears that while selecting a faction to play as, you can choose between the major ruling families. E.g. the House of Cornelia or House of Julia if you are playing as Rome. It also shows agents and armies performing their campaign map roles, as well as dynamic city growth.

If possible, these leaked videos have made me even more excited about the upcoming release of Rome Total War 2!

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