We have now finished our first day of playing Rome 2. Here are some screenshots from the game. Hopefully these will give you an idea of what the gameplay looks like. We played as Rome and Sparta.

A screenshot from Total War Rome 2

A Roman army deployed across a pass

A screenshot from Rome Total War 2

A Roman army meets Samnite infantry in battle

A screenshot from Rome Total War 2

Samnite ships prepare to unload forces during a siege

A screenshot from Rome Total War 2

The battle for the docks

Screenshot from Rome Total War 2

First-person perspective of Roman cavalry

A screenshot from Rome Total War 2

Spartan infantry advance

A screenshot from Rome Total War 2

Spartan phalanx

A screenshot from Rome Total War 2

Spartan charge

A screenshot from Rome Total War 2

Spartan ramming at the siege of Athens

A screenshot from Rome Total War 2

Naval warfare

A screenshot of leaked Rome Total War 2 footage

News for Rome Total War 2 fans. Videos have been leaked showing previously unseen gameplay footage. These are really exciting previews ahead of Rome 2’s release in only a couple of days. The videos show aspects of Rome Total War 2 gameplay which are not in any of the Creative Assembly‘s official releases.

Rome 2 Field Battles Gameplay

This video shows a few Rome 2 Total War battles. The Final one is the most exciting. It shows a Roman fort being besieged and attacked. It is an awesome bit of footage because you can see some of the defensive options which will be available during siege battles. Caltrops, palisades and other features are used to slow the enemy’s onslaught.

Rome 2 Siege Gameplay

This video shows something quite different to the first. It is a Rome 2 Total War siege in which a fortified town is being attacked by a Roman army. Watch the below footage to see battering rams and ballista attempt to reduce the defenders’ walls. Our favourite part? Around the 1:10 mark the ballista knock down a section of wall. Unlike previous Total War games, the mechanics are very realistic. The wall crumbles in on itself and it is really great to watch.

Rome 2 Campaign Gameplay

This leaked video shows unseen aspects of Rome Total War 2 campaign gameplay. It appears that while selecting a faction to play as, you can choose between the major ruling families. E.g. the House of Cornelia or House of Julia if you are playing as Rome. It also shows agents and armies performing their campaign map roles, as well as dynamic city growth.

If possible, these leaked videos have made me even more excited about the upcoming release of Rome Total War 2!

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A Roman legionary formation from Rome Total War 2

Can’t wait to send these guys into action in 3 days!

It is 3 days now before Rome Total War 2 will be released. So we are bringing you the very latest news from the developers. Total War and the Creative Assembly have been busy supplying Rome 2 fans with news ahead of the game’s release. Two major releases have been made recently. Keep reading to find out more about the latest instalment in the Total War series: Rome Total War 2.

Total War Rome 2 Faction Technology Tree

This is a big release from the Total War team. You can now check out the civil and military technology trees for Rome Total War 2. The below video goes through it pretty thoroughly. But how much do you want to know? It might be enough to just get a feel for how it will all work, without checking out every bit of technology available in-game. Factions other than Rome will have a similar layout for technology. But it appears that the things which you can research will vary.

Total War Rome 2 Pre-Load

Rome 2 is preloaded. This is both a blessing and a curse… Allow me to explain. You now have the option to download Total War Rome 2 ahead of its release date. It can be downloaded from the Steam Store. This means that you can play Rome 2 as soon as the game is released.

So what is wrong with that? It is great that you will not have to wait for the game to download on its release day. But there is a big drawback. Once the game is downloaded it is in your Steam library. You will not be able to play it yet but it will be there. Hours will be spent staring into your Steam library, now filled with epic gaming potential. But you will be powerless and at the mercy of the Creative Assembly. Until they decide that the time is ripe to release Rome 2, your games library will be simultaneously filled but empty.

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20130827-090117 AM.jpg

Activision and High Moon Studios released the Deadpool game this June. It is based around the Marvel character Deadpool. He is a less well known character, so this is an interesting move for game developers to take. Could this mean that more minor Marvel characters will also get their own game?

Released June 2013

Deadpool Trailer

Deadpool Gameplay Trailer

Deadpool Game Platform

Can you play Deadpool on Xbox 360, PS3 or PC? The answer is yes. Deadpool is available on all three of the above game platforms. But will you want to play it?

Deadpool Review

Deadpool the Marvel character is crass. He says what he wants and does not care how he says it. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? It is hard to say. Deadpool gets bored and has a short attention span. So a lot of his decisions are made apparently at random. The plot of the game is awesome, like playing a Marvel comic script. But the gameplay does not quite hold up its end.

Pointless violence in video games is fun. But it takes a lot of work to turn it into great gameplay. Deadpool does not appear to do that.

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20130826-064251 PM.jpg

Everyone is getting excited about the release of Rome 2 Total War. We all want to know as much as we can about the game. But it is not easy to find all of the Rome 2 maps in one place, even on the Total War website. This is a list of all of the Rome 2 maps which have been released so far.

Rome 2 Map

This Rome 2 map shows the territories of Rome 2 Total War. As you can see, it is quite complex. There are many minor states to work with or against in the game. It also looks like each territory will have its own benefits for trade etc.

20130826-062704 PM.jpg

Rome 2 Factions Map

This Rome 2 map shows the main factions of the game. Rome 2 Total War will have 12 playable factions upon release. These are: Rome, Carthage, Macedon, Iceni, Arveni, Suebi, Parthia, Egypt, Pontus, Sparta, Epirus and Athens. But it looks like more factions will become playable later.

20130826-064639 PM.jpg

Rome 2 Campaign Map

This is what the campaign map will look like during Rome 2 Total War gameplay. The scenery looks great and fun to interact with. The general look of the game is a big improvement on Rome Total War.

20130826-064825 PM.jpg

Rome 2 Battle Map

This video shows the Rome 2 battle map. The battle map always plays a big role in Total War games. It lets you know where allied and enemy forces are located during a battle.


A good year

This year is, in our opinion, one of the best for video game releases. There are three major game releases which have caught our attention. Find reviews, news and videos below.

1. Rome Total War 2 Video Game

We’ve posted a lot of articles about the Rome Total War 2 release. Find them here, here and here. But we have been trying to write about other topics in between the game articles.

Why are we so excited about Rome Total War 2 the game? Some of us might say that Total War is our favourite video game series. And Creative Assembly may be our favourite game designer. But there is certainly more to it than simple gamer’s bias. Total War is one of those game series which love to improve on their past games. Rome Total War 2 is going to bring plenty of previously unseen features. These will be completely new to the Total War series.

If you would like an example of Rome Total War 2’s pioneering features, check out the below video. The video is from Gamespot‘s Youtube account. If you skip ahead to 04:45 you will see a battle involving both land and naval units. This combination of sea and land units in a battle has never been done before in a Total War game. Now do you see why we are so excited?

War games are better with elephants.

2. Saints Row IV Video Game

This is another long-running game series. The Saints Row series began in relative anonymity. The first two games could not have beaten Grand Theft Auto in a popularity contest. But the game developer Volition has found a great niche for the Saints Row game series. From games 2 to 4, the series has become increasingly insane. It all began with gangsters. Then it became about futuristic gangsters. And now, Saints Row IV will be a game all about a futuristic gangster president who fights aliens in a virtual Matrix-like world.

More Saints Row IV articles: Saints Row IV Review, Negau’s Top 3 Open World Video Games

3. Grand Theft Auto V Video Game

This game also featured in our Top 3 Open World Video Games article which an be found here. In fact we published an entire article dedicated to GTA V news and review, click this link to read. Rather than repeat ourselves, we will just give you an awesome video to watch. Enjoy!

If cars are what makes a game for you, there is a video below for you. Who else finds it kind of disturbing?

All comments welcome!

Creative Assembly, Rome 2 Total War’s developers, recently released a video of phalanx warfare via their series Rally Point. Find the Total War Youtube channel by following this link. Here is our take on Rome 2 phalanx gameplay.

1. Rome 2 Phalanx Gameplay Video

Having watched the original video, we can tell the above is an extract from it. What we found most disappointing about the video was the bad quality. We watched it in HD video and it was still blurry. If the Creative Assembly are trying to show us how great Rome 2 phalanx gameplay will be, why have they made it look like the graphics are awful?

(Don’t worry I’ll put the original Rome 2 phalanx gameplay video at the bottom of this article).

2. Good Things About Rome 2 Phalanx Gameplay

Ignoring the poor video quality, you can see some good features of Rome 2 phalanx gameplay in the above youtube clip. Our favourite part? Each time the cavalry impacted with the phalanx. It looks like the units in Rome 2 have a lot more weight to them than in previous Total War games. What do we mean by weight? When cavalry charges infantry in previous games they become a blur of pixels, men fly into the air and the unit count drops.

Rome 2 phalanx gameplay. An elephant charges in Rome 2 Total War

In Rome 2 things look different for phalanx gameplay. You can see the horses pushing the enemy infantry back. It is made clear that horses are heavier than men. Clearly a lot of work has gone into developing the mechanics for Rome 2 phalanx and cavalry gameplay.

Rome 2 phalanx gameplay. Cavalry charges into a phalanx in Rome 2 Total War

3. Not-so-good Things About Rome 2 Phalanx Gameplay

There is one thing which really bugged us about the phalanx gameplay shown above. We had expected Rome 2 to be their most historically accurate game to date. Total War is a series based on historical eras after all. Perhaps we set our hopes too high, but we were looking forward to near-perfection. Having some knowledge of ancient warfare, we know how a phalanx works. You get shield-to-shield with the enemy and try to push them back. At the same time you try to jab your spear over the top of the shields. But what do we see in the video? Men with huge shields (apparently useless) being skewered by enemies a whole spear’s length away from them. It looks more like infantry jousting than phalanx warfare.

Historical accuracy is not an element for which Rome 2 phalanx gameplay scores points.

Rome 2 phalanx warfare. Two groups of soldiers do battle in phalanx formation

Not phalanx warfare

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Big news, Saints Row 4 will be released soon! We’ve been checking out trailers and finding info on the game. All so that we can give you an idea of what to expect.

Saints Row 4 Trailer

What can you expect from Saints Row 4? The trailer below gives you some idea. Insanity is the short answer however. The Saints Row series is releasing its 4th game this year. Over the series they have set themselves apart from other video games due to the high levels of crazy they inject their games with. The last Saints Row game, Saints Row 3, was pretty nuts… But it looks like number 4 will go even further. I’m talking about aliens. That’s right. Aliens!

My thoughts after watching the trailer? Well, I think my brain melted a little bit. It was funny. But also… What did I just watch??

Saints Row 4 Release Date

Late August 2013. Aren’t we already in August? How did this one get past me?

Saints Row 4 Gameplay

What can I say about the Saints Row 4 gameplay? Guns, superpowers and so much more! Watch the below video and you will see why I’m so excited about this game!

What is an Open World Video Game?

Open world games are a genre of video game which do not rely as heavily on mission-based gameplay as other games. You are free to explore the game’s environment in a variety of ways, completing side-missions, mini-missions or simply interacting with scenery and characters. One of the biggest producers of open world video games is Rockstar Games. To give an idea of the open element of these games, here is a compilation of clips from GTA 4 gameplay.

1. Saints Row 3 – An Open World must-have

You want freedom? Saints Row The Third gives you freedom and then some. You have a range of activities to choose from including driving cars, fast boats and soaring through the sky in a fighter jet. The latest Saints Row game has really improved on almost all aspects of gameplay. One thing we really enjoyed was the heavy injection of insanity which the developers gave to this game. Watch the video below and you’ll see what we mean.

2. GTA 4 – Driving Down the Open World Road

I know not everyone will agree with me, but driving is what makes the GTA games great for me. Vehicles let you get around open world environments quickly, and modern driving mechanics make it as much fun as any other part of the game. See below for a high-speed car chase video from the game.

3. Red Dead Redemption – An Eco-friendly Open World Poem

Imagine for a moment an epic poem about nature and frontier life. Now imagine you get to ride around those idyllic landscapes on a wild steed, firing revolvers from the hip as you gunsling your way through an engrossing storyline. That is Red Dead Redemption, a good open world game made great by the environment and stories within it.

Soon to come…

According to the natural progression of the video game, this open world game should be jumping to the top of this list soon. It’s GTA 5 and you can find our news and review of it here.

What are your top open world games? Follow or comment and let us know!

Joe Malpas

Shogun 2 Total War is a game about the rise and fall of the Japanese Samurai. We recently published a list of our Top 10 Best Martial Arts Films, so staying on the topic of martial Japan we bring you a Shogun 2 Review. Interesting to note is the fact that Total War will be releasing another sequel game, Rome 2 Total War later this year.

The history behind Shogun 2

Find below a clip from the film 13 Assassins. The film gives a good idea of what Shogun 2 is about… Samurai warriors fighting in feudal Japan. We here at Negau watched it only recently, otherwise it might have made it into the Top 10. Feudal Japan was ruled by an emperor, through the military power of the Shogun. The campaign map is split between numerous historical factions, each led by a daimyo.

What is the Shogun 2 Gameplay Like?

Here’s a video that will show you one of the biggest differences between Shogun 2 Total War and its predecessors. The sieges are far more complex, with the AI often encircling your fortress and attacking from multiple directions. Armies can also penetrate defences by climbing walls, burning gatehouses or using artillery.

What is the Best Element of Shogun 2?

Our favourite part of Shogun 2 is in The Fall of the Samurai expansion, which includes the option to fire artillery in first-person. You can adjust the height of the artillery piece, fire a round and watch as it soars towards your foes and finally explodes among them.

Where can you buy Shogun 2?

You can grab your own copy of this game at the major retailers: , ,

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